PathMaker makes ISO 9000:2000 compliance a lot easier.

The new standards have been published. Over the next three years, the new standards will become the new basis for judging quality worldwide. The previous standards were widely criticized for having little to do with actual product quality. The new standards change all that.

Here are some of the important changes, excerpted from the ISO press release, with emphasis added:

"Among the changes made are the following: reduced number of standards; explicit requirements for achieving customer satisfaction and continual improvement; more logical structure; an approach based on managing organizational processes; easier to use by service-sector organizations and by small businesses; built on eight universal quality management principles; possibility of going beyond certification to achieving satisfaction not just of customers, but of all interested parties, such as employees, shareholders and society as a whole."

Interestingly, the standards are now requiring the use of what was called TQM in the 1980's, Continuous Improvement in the early 90's, and Six Sigma Quality in the late 90's and 2000. It is a good change, and one that will add strength to the ISO 9000:2000 methodology.

ISO certification is a required ticket to doing business in much of the world. SkyMark's PathMaker software is the premier continuous improvement toolset. It not only helps you to "do" continuous improvement; it documents your activity as you go, so that management and auditors can easily view a complete history of improvement projects.

To discuss the deployment of an ISO-9000:2000 system using PathMaker, please contact us.