Manufacturing and Services

The manufacturing and services industries are an area where PathMaker has been widely used, for everything from QI to scorecards. One manufacturing firm recently sent us a list of ways PathMaker has helped them to be more efficient. Regardless of the size of your company, PathMaker can do wonders in saving you time and money. See who is using PathMaker in the manufacturing and services industries.

Health Care

PathMaker is used in hospitals throughout the U.S and Canada. Why? Health care is one industry in which performance improvement doesn't just mean saved money. It is mandated by health care regulatory agencies, and it can make the difference between life and death. PathMaker offers the most tools for quality improvement found in one package, making it ideal for use in continuous improvement, root cause analysis, and control charting for ORYX. Find out more about how PathMaker can be used in the health care industry, or view a selected list of hospitals using PathMaker.


Some educational institutions use PathMaker to systematically improve the quality of education they offer. Others, particularly business schools, use PathMaker in classes to help students learn planning, problem solving, scorecarding and continuous improvement. If you are in the field of education, PathMaker is worth a look. See a list of some schools that use PathMaker.


The US Army, USAF, US Navy and the Marine Corps all use PathMaker for quality improvement. So do NASA, the Justice Department, and Department of the Interior and other federal agencies. At state and local levels, there are many other users doing their bit to make government more efficient and more responsive. You can view a more complete list of government entities who use PathMaker.

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