Dr. Diane Rivers, Quality Education Systems: " We're now using PathMaker everywhere we go. Its quality improvement tools are ideal for our school reform model, and they fit perfectly into the new world of No Child Left Behind."

Computer Shopper: "Let your computer and PathMaker carve out a professional path to success."

Quality Digest: "This is by far the best of this genre of software that we have tested."

Van Christopher: " PathMaker is an outstanding program from SkyMark which combines analytical, creative, logical and project management tools all in one superb package....It is loaded with the tools you need to do your job."

Dr. Rusty Clifford, West Carrollton Schools: "PathMaker is an extremely powerful, user-friendly package that our entire district - students, staff and administrators - is using to improve student learning and organizational performance."

The Director of Nursing in a Houston Hospital: "this is fantastic! Every manager should buy this!"

Training Manager for a telecommunications company: "I have tried the others; this is the best."

VP of Finance for an investment firm: "Wow! Having purchased numerous other packages, PathMaker is, in my opinion, the first which truly joins these many techniques into solving a company's needs."

Senior Engineer in a major Japanese engineering firm: "I am introducing my friends to PathMaker. If you ever need help in the Far East, please do not hesitate."

And many others:

  • "PathMaker supports you through the entire investigation process"
  • "quick learning curve"
  • "intuitive"
  • "software for all of your quality needs"
  • "the pathway can keep your team on track"
  • "good-looking software"
  • "PathMaker is a very comprehensive, yet easy to use, application"
  • "many time (money) saving capabilities"
  • "a brain organizer"
  • "a Swiss Army knife for TQM"
  • "Very Good!"
  • "Revolutionary"

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