SkyMark's Drawing and Document Management Framework is the heart of a system we've made for facilities managers who need to store and keep-up-to-date the drawings of their sites and buildings.

This framework is implemented in a C#/.net code base, typically running against a SQL Server database. Provision has been made for offline use of files by authorized users, and drawing markups, measurement take-offs, and much more.

People who have an interest in a building, or set of buildings, have what we call "portfolios", e.g. Vatican City, which can contain projects, e.g. Renovation of Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Projects contain drawing sets, and individual drawings, and a rapid drawing navigation and retrieval system.

The framework makes it possible for us to build custom systems for clients that can take into account special requirements, yet still provide a short project timeline and a reasonable cost.

Taken together with SkyMark's joint venture with Skematek, we provide a turnkey service for managing drawings - putting the contents of old drawing rooms online, linking them together in ways that make retrieval quick and painless, and providing print and data storage services.

Drawing and Document Management Framework

Project Highlight: Skematek

This view shows the document retrieval and viewing end of the Skematek application. Once you have set up a portfolio and uploaded your documents through our online portal, you are able to easily browse your archive with the provided document viewer.