When does it make sense to bring in SkyMark consultants?

  • When you need extra knowhow. We've worked with a wide variety of organizations, and solved a wide variety of problems. We can tap that experience and knowledge base at your service. We have expertise in:
  • When you need extra manpower. If you have something that needs to be done, but can't be done fast enough with internal resources, we might be able to help.
  • When you need a fresh perspective. Sometimes, surprisingly often in fact, getting someone new to look at a problem can lead to a breakthrough.

What makes us different?

  • We go the extra mile.
  • We don't care if we get our hands dirty. Our people have worked in a wide variety of industries - heavy machinery, chemicals, transportation, ore processing, laboratory systems, hospitals, non-profits, software, training, and medical equipment.
  • We won't try to snow you with big words and fancy acronyms.
  • We're guru-neutral.
  • We're very focused on achieving the results you want to achieve.

Please contact us today. Call +1.412.371.0680, or send an email to: sales@skymark.com.