The Theseus Learning System: Software and Textbook for Critical Thinking

Good news! The Theseus Learning System has been awarded "Best Homeschool Software of the Year" by!

Mind you, it's not just for homeschoolers anymore - Theseus is now being used by students in a variety of school settings, from 6th grade through college, AND by adults who need to think well for a living, worldwide.

Theseus Software quote - Cathy Duffy

Welcome to better thinking!

The Theseus Learning System develops your thinking skills, and gives you a software application that helps you write well-thought-out papers and create compelling presentations better and faster.

How? Arrange your ideas in a an easy to use interface. Get feedback that can help you frame clear, thoughtful arguments. Critical thinking, critical reading and persuasive writing will all come much more easily.

The methods in Theseus are based on the work of Dr. Andy Norman, a professor of philosophy at Carnegie-Mellon University. Dr. Norman has found that the most effective thinkers focus their attention in a particular, highly disciplined way. This method can be learned readily, and when people learn it, their critical thinking and reasoning skills improve rapidly.

The Theseus Learning System is designed to teach this technique, and strengthen the mental muscles that support it. Used all over the world, Theseus is the most complete and effective program available for developing core thinking skills.

Theseus Software quote - Cathy Duffy

The early versions have been made with students in mind, helping them achieve an ability that translates into higher SAT scores, success in college, and professional and financial security later in life.

However, we've been delighted to find that all sorts of thinkers have found it very useful - including analysts, journalists, writers, presenters, teachers, consultants and business leaders.