SkyMark's Inventory Management Framework was built with a powerful set of tools that allow us to quickly modify code and customize features to meet the needs of any type of organization. Whether you're a large corporation with world-wide distribution, or a small shop having trouble keeping track of your inventory, we can help you get organized so you can focus on building your business. We'll work quickly and efficiently and build you an application that is simple to use and maintain, but as powerful as you need.

Inventory Management Framework

Project Highlight: Brother's Brother

Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF) is a 56-year-old gift-in-kind charity that focuses on medical and educational needs around the world. BBF has served 146 countries worldwide with over 100,000 tons of medicines, medical equipment, textbooks, educational supplies and emergency disaster aid. With that kind of donation volume, BBF needed a robust inventory management system in place to track and record inbound donations, real-time warehouse inventory levels, and shipments out. SkyMark has built an application for BBF which gracefully handles these primary functions, while including many handy additions, such as built-in reports and seamless integration with their accounting system.