We bring 6 perspectives to bear on your website:

The Strategic Perspective:
What do you want the site to do? How should it support your big goals?

The Technical Perspective:
We make sure that your site has the underlying technology it needs - so it can expand and grow and be accessible to your targeted users on their various platforms, with their various browsers. We help you find good answers to questions like:

  • If it needs a database, which one is most appropriate?
  • How will it be backed up, secured, linked to existing systems?
  • What language framework will be most effective given the situation?

The Information Systems View:
We work with you to organize your information, and the flow of the user's travel through your site, so that it gets your points across, while seeming natural and intuitive to the user.

The Designer View:
We want to make nice-looking sites, sites that, when people arrive, they think - ahh, this is good.

The Webmaster View:
We produce clean, modern, w3c compliant, maintainable code, with well-organized file structures, and a thorough, careful use of stylesheets.

The Marketer's View:
We make sure the site achieves your marketing and sales objectives. The copy is written with both readers and search engines in mind. A sitemap is included to help the search engines. Pages are carefully tagged, so that titles, descriptions, keywords, alt text, table summaries, image names - everything can support the goal of increased traffic, stickiness, and ultimately, sales. We'll submit it to search engines, and we can help build links and popularity, and manage online advertising, too.

Selected Example Sites:

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