Sometimes, people tend to think that marketing and sales are more artistic, creative, or personality-based than other aspects of business, and therefore hard to handle systematically. There's an element of truth to that, but - only an element. Successful marketing is systematic, too. It can be fun and creative and eye-catching, too, but that generally grows out of a pretty deliberate process.

The right mix of systematic-ness and creativity blossoms when a flexible structure for managing ideas and actions, like that in PathMaker, can be deployed. For example, where there are too many good ideas for people to get their heads around, some perspectives get lost in the shuffle. The use of tools, rather than imposing a straitjacket, gives you a place to throw things, and not forget them, and later come back and sort them out, and see their relationships.

When we are engaged to help a client with marketing planning and execution, it's usually a rapidly-iterating process. We typically help you with things like…

  • Understanding your customers.
    • What do they want or need?
    • What do they really wish for?
    • What motivates them to purchase?
    • What keeps them from purchasing?

  • Clarifying the mix of products and/or services you are selling.
    • What are their unique advantages?
    • Can the market be segmented in such a way as to protect margins?
    • Are there new markets you can tap?
    • Are there strategic partnerships that can be arranged?

  • Engineer the sale
    • What is the buyer's set of contraints, and needs?
    • What hurdles are in the way of a sale, and how can they be cleared?

Our marketing consulting is backed by our expertise in website design and production, technical and sales-oriented writing, desktop publishing, graphic design, online and print advertising and direct mail.

Our marketing consultants have experience in a variety of marketing and sales roles, primarily in North America and Europe, relating to manufacturing, software, services, medical devices, instrumentation and other industries.

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