Force Field Tool: Influencing Improvement

Implementing positive change often feels like a "two steps forward, one step back" process. The force field diagram can help a team make wiser decisions about effecting change. Users who are new to force field analysis are often amazed at the way this very basic structure helps to clarify a muddy problem or issue.

The force field diagram is built on the idea that forces - habits, customs, attitudes - can instigate change or restrain it.

It is a simple yet effective tool that lets you analyze the forces affecting an issue. It is constructed by listing the driving forces on the left side of the diagram and the restraining forces on the right. The ipathmaker force field also includes a column on the far right to list mitigations: possible ways to alleviate restraining forces.

The tool's versatile structure allows you to use it for listing pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, actions and reactions, "What we know, What we don't know" and so on.

ipathmaker's web based Force Field diagram software tool is shown here. Users can compare driving and restraining forces.

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