i pathmaker can make the complete difference between success and failure in your work. Here's how:

Speed: Reduce the Cycle Time for Improvements

If you can improve a process in three months instead of six months - you reap the benefits earlier, and staunch the bleeding sooner. This can be huge.

Quality: Make Better Improvements

If you can get a 10% improvement without software support, and a 30% improvement with software support, again, the benefits can be enormous, especially when you focus on things that are critical to your organization's success.

Quantity: Reduce Staff Time on Projects

If you have 6 people on a team, and each one spends 10 hours a week on a project for six months, that's 9 man months. The salary costs alone are substantial. If you cut that in half, you save some money - far far more than your software cost. But, if you can also make money with the time that gets freed up. This again, can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Costs: Reduce travel expenses.

It's not just the air fares, the hotel rooms, the rental cars and the meals. Those are expensive enough. But, the hidden expense in travel is in the preparation, the wear and tear, the loss of productive time, the burnout, the loss of continuity. Even when things go right. And of course, we all can remember times when they haven't...