The Theseus Learning System includes:

  • World-class software for organizing ideas;
  • A patent-pending logic guide that walks you through a process used by highly effective thinkers;
  • A friendly and engaging 124-page Lesson Book filled with colorful examples and diagrams;
  • Explicit instruction in the revolutionary Thought Tree Method;
  • 99 learning activities, challenges, and exercises;
  • An answer key, on-board tutorial, and complete help system.

These components work together to provide a rich and challenging learning experience. By working through the lessons, you can improve logical acumen, boost scores on standardized reasoning tests (like the SAT), prepare for college, and develop abilities that employers rank among the most important of all. (In fact, the Thought Tree Method is similar to an approach used by the business world's most capable and highly paid analysts!)

Theseus will continue to provide benefits long after you've completed the program. For one, the lessons are designed to last a lifetime. For another, many conclude that their Theseus software is simply a better place to think, so they continue to use the software on real thinking and writing assignments for years afterwards. Because Theseus is right there, reinforcing key lessons at point of application, focus becomes habitual, curiosity becomes second nature, and clarity becomes a way of life.