SkyMark's mission is to make software that helps people improve their work. Our core products - PathMaker, ipathmaker and Theseus - all contribute to that mission.


sometimes, our clients need something else - something that solves a particular problem that they have. In 2000, we formed a custom software development group. It has grown strongly, and our internal commitment to continuous quality improvement has helped us to create a lower cost, faster, better software development capability.

Here's what we provide:

  • Free initial consultations.
  • Rapid but thorough requirements elicitation.
  • A front-loaded emphasis on project planning that saves overall cycle time.
  • Software architecture done by experienced architects.
  • Experienced US-based software developers.
  • Libraries of existing code that can be leveraged.
  • The latest software tools for rapid application development.
  • A staged delivery approach that gets your application into use as fast as possible.
  • Thorough testing.
  • We go the extra mile.

We can work with you even if you have a modest development budget and a tight schedule. We have developed sound processes to plan and execute projects, working closely, often daily, with customers, to make sure that the deliverables meet or exceed expectations.

Some examples are:

  • A web application for benchmarking and best practices: Which of our peer hospitals has the shortest ER wait times? How can we learn from them?
  • Web software for sophisticated surveys and related reporting: What is it that schools can do that really works?
  • Software for analyzing patient admissions: How and where can we best provide long-term care this particular patient?
  • Websites for streamlining work processes for consulting firms: When people want to innovate, I want them to find us first.
  • Websites for streamlining work processes for government agencies: Upstanding judges. Yep. Good idea.
  • Websites for streamlining work processes for engineering firms: Water pipelines that don't leak. Yep. Good idea.
  • Web and PDA-based applications for mobile workforces to use in safety inspections: How can I best make sure that my amusement rides are safe?
  • Web and desktop applications to provide secure libraries of construction drawings to appropriate users: Where's the most current drawing for that building? Here! Skematek.
  • Recruiting and admissions systems: How do we recruit the best possible new school principals?

If you have a need for software that solves a pressing problem, please talk with us. It may be that a solution is nearer than you think! Our pricing will be fair, our communications will be open and straightforward, and we'll deliver good software.

Give us a call, and tell us what you're thinking about. Maybe we can help! Call +1.412.371.0680, or send an email to: