The Theseus Learning System is a fun and challenging course in critical thinking with a software component for visualizing thought.

The Theseus Lesson Book presents a simple, enormously powerful conceptual framework for understanding thinking. Yet it is quite unlike the dry, academic treatments that fill logic textbooks. For one thing, it centers on the dynamic interplay of questions and answers, so thinking really does "come alive." For another, each concept is motivated, and carefully linked to a practical technique for diagramming and visualizing thought. As a result, the Theseus experience is often transformative: it actually helps you see thinking differently. You learn to view arguments the way exceptionally skilled thinkers do, so insight comes naturally.

The Lesson Book is also fun and engaging. As Anna, a high school sophomore, put it: "I particularly enjoyed how the Lesson Book was written in a conversational style...(It was) fun to read."

Here's the Lesson Book's table of contents:

Theseus is designed to allow each learner to go at their own pace. Vivid icons call attention to key ideas, tips, and guidelines:

Want to preview the Lesson Book before you buy? You can download the Introduction and Lesson One by clicking here.