SkyMark's technical support is free. We don't want there to be any barriers between your questions and us. That said, we'd appreciate it if you would use the extensive documentation that we've already provided as a first resort!

Here's a suggested problem-solving process:

  1. Try the PathMaker Help Cards.

    In PathMaker, from the Help Menu, and click on the Show Help Cards command. The cards will relate to whatever tool you have open. They answer some of the most commonly asked questions about using each tool.
  2. Try the main PathMaker Help system.

    In PathMaker, from the Help Menu, and click on the PathMaker command. The main PathMaker Help system will open. You can browse it, or use the Index and Search functions to find what you are looking for.
  3. Update your software!

    With every release, we improve the software. Most releases contain hundreds of improvements. If you're using an old version of the software, we'll try to support you, but you may need to upgrade to get the features you want. But... don't worry. Upgrade subscriptions are not expensive, and they guarantee that you get the benefits of every improvement we make. Please visit our updates page to check for new builds, beta test versions, and release news. You can tell which build you have by looking on your Help menu, under the "About PathMaker" command. A dialog box will display your build number.
  4. Personal Help, Feature Requests, or Bug Reports

    If you have discovered a bug in the PathMaker software, or if you would like us to add a feature, please send us email. If you have a project file that you are have questions about, or are having trouble with, it will help a lot if you send it as an attachment. Be sure to include your User ID and password for the project.